The desert
of l'Erg Chebbi

The Erg Chebbi, a giant sea of mobile dunes gives you a unique experience so you can enjoy something unrepeatable. You will be able to observe its colour changing as the hours of the day are passing by, colours that go from intense orange, to pink that is almost non-existent in another place... you move to another time, to one of those fairytale children's stories, from the Thousand and one Nights; and you will be the protagonist of that adventure. Let yourself be guided by us to make it a reality.

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Around of
the desert

Morocco has a piece of heaven in its territory. The desert is paradise on earth. You find peace, serenity, simplicity and yourself... In a place where it seems that you will not find anything, you are surprised not to need what used to be everything for you. It is an experience to live at least once in your life... if you can repeat it, you will enter another dimension.

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Anything that someone or ourselves can tell you is not entirely real. You will have to come yourself, to check it, feel it and live it in your own skin and only then will you meet our "MADU" family. We hope with love that it will be the first visit of many more, and that, without knowing it, you will already be part of us.

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The main objective is the enjoyment of customers, through activities full of passion, sense of humour, culture, fun and authenticity. We carry them out in such a way that, from the first moment, the client feels one more among the inhabitants, interacting in an authentic way and living reality without performing a role.

Our love for the country and its culture, and our respect for our guests, make this experience that we propose an authentic and completely unusual adventure.

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